Friday, 11 January 2013

Happy Dark Angels release!

Hey folks,

Happy new year and we're off to a roaring start with the long awaited Dark Angels release. Overall looks to be a good set of rules and models (always a couple of exceptions but that's life). Will be heading down to Wargames Emporium in Sheffield in the morning to grab some of the new releases and will probably be spending the next couple of weeks converting and assembling.

One of the things I was thrilled about was the sacred standards and their unique rules. I therefore grabbed a spare SM banner and tried my hand at painting it up as a standard of devastation. As usual the camera doesn't do it much justice but I'm really pleased with the result and am making all of them so they're interchangeable with all the standard bearers in my army. 

One of the conversions I have been working on for the Dark Angels is a Librarian biker, who is a simple dark vengeance cut and shut job using the sergeant bike and the torso from the librarian. He needs a bit of filling in the join but works really nicely with the position of the bike and the librarian stance. Other planned conversions include a master with a mace and azrael from the DW command watcher and the DV master with a new head, backpack and banner.

Sadly the white scars have once again lost out to another army and are sitting things out. However, I did get a few models finished and the army is now 1/4 totally finished with another 1/2 about halfway done. One of the nearly finished models is the stormtalon below.

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