Saturday, 8 September 2012

Vengeance is here!

Greetings folks,

Between holidays and hectic schedules it's been a while since my last post but finally I've been able to spend a few hours hobbying. 

A few big changes have happened since my last post. Firstly, with Blog Wars falling very close to exams now I've sadly decided not to attend. This is both a blessing and a curse as although I got about halfway with the Whitescars project I was getting really sick of painting white, to the point where it was no longer enjoyable. Secondly, as most of you will know, there's this little matter of Dark Vengeance being released.

The wife was kind enough to buy me a copy for my birthday and I also bought a second set as they were 20% off in my local store. Good tip here, buy a set and sell off some of the bits you don't need. I sold the hellbrute, chaplain and rulebook from my second set and it almost covered the cost of the entire set!!! I am most of the way through assembling the first set and am saving the second one for conversion projects when we see exactly what will be released for Chaos/DAs in the coming months. (or month depending which rumours you believe) 

Although I have two nightmarish medical placements before exams in early December, I have set myself the goals of focussing on both DAs and Chaos up till Christmas. Makes sense really given the starter set contents and upcoming releases. Although my Chaos forces purely consist of DV models, my DA army was already established as a deathwing/ravenwing/veteran army with a couple of land raiders/dreadnoughts thrown in. I've indicentally near doubled my ravenwing/deathwing forces and added a couple of tactical squads and HQs into the equation, but here's a sample of the original army schemes.

White undercoat, ushabti bone, seraphim sepia wash, ushabti bone higlight, skull white highlight.

Black undercoat, caliban green, dark angels green, snot green highlight, scorpion green highlight, nuln oil wash. Robes are more complex but involve painting on the mixtures of dheneb stone/brown base before tying it all together with a seraphim sepia wash. (note absence of weapons as they're magnetised)

Black undercoat, dawnstone highlight.

I have a lot of models halfway finished for the army so hopefully should be able to post more in the next month along with some new additions from DV.

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