Sunday 16 September 2012

Dark vengeance Dark Angels painting tutorials part 2 - Ravenwing

Hi folks,

A bit later than promised through illness, here is the second part of the painting tutorials; this time for the ravenwing. I have chosen to use the sergeant so that I can also add in painting tips for faces and for robes. The order below is the suggested one to paint in. Slightly different format to the previous tutorial but I think this way works better. Enjoy.

White areas:
1.       Paint one or two layers of dawnstone onto the feathers and ravenwing symbols.
2.       Paint ulthuan grey atop the dawnstone, but leave the dawnstone visible in the recesses between feathers. For areas such as the chainsword wing motif you can make life easier by brushing at 90 degrees to the direction of the feathers to coat the body of them but leave the recesses. This is hard to do on the banner pole and bike fairings though so best to take your time.
3.       Paint a thin line of ceramite white onto the edges of the white areas as a highlight.
Note, some may prefer to paint the entire area ceramite white, wash with nuln oil then brush a highlight on. I personally don’t like the effect as much but it presents less of a challenge than the above method.

1.       Mix a 50:50 of dheneb stone and calthan brown (rakarth flesh and mournfang brown) and give the robes an even coverage which may require 2 coats. Note, mournfang brown is not a very good match for calthan brown regardless of the conversion chart so a slightly darker brown may be needed. Somewhere between mournfang brown and rhinox hide?
2.       Paint the raised areas dheneb stone.
3.       Paint the recesses with calthan brown.
4.       Wash the whole area with seraphim sepia to tie the colours together. 

Metal areas:
1.       Paint leadbelcher onto the areas such as the wheel rims, engine, exhaust, chainblade etc.
2.       Wash the areas with nuln oil.
3.       Highlight with runefang steel.

1.       Paint the pouches rhinox hide.
2.       Wash with agrax earthshade
3.       Highlight edges with mournfang brown.

1.       Paint cadian fleshtone onto the head
2.       Wash the head with reikland fleshshade, ensuring that the recessed areas have the wash in for definition.
3.       Mix in some kislev flesh to the cadian fleshtone and paint all areas but the recesses.
4.       Add in more cadian flehtone to the above mix and highlight the cheekbones and brows.
5.       One last time, add some more cadian fleshtone (so it’s about 50:50) and highlight the extreme edges.
6.       For the eyes, take a very fine detail brush and put a sliver of ceramite white on the eyes either side, leaving the wash from earlier for definition.
7.       Lastly, dot a pupil of abbadon black in the same place on each eye. 
Painting faces is really tricky and requires a lot of practice. Best advice I can give is to take some time looking at tutorials and the pictures in WD trying to figure out how it’s done and where to put the highlights. Eyes just require a fine brush and steady hand.

Purity seals:
1.       Paint rakarth flesh onto the seals – several coats may be needed for a smooth finish.
2.       Wash the seals with seraphim sepia.
3.       Paint some ushabti bone on the edges of the seals when the wash dries.
4.       With a fine brush, paint lines of abaddon black onto the seals to resemble lines of text.
5.       Paint mephiston red on the wax areas and highlight with squig orange before washing them with carroburg crimson, OR
6.       Paint caliban green on the wax areas and highlight with warpstone glow before washing them with agrax earthshade.
Note, the same methods can be used for the buttons on the control panel and handles as for the wax seals.

Red weapons:
1.       Paint the boltguns and chainsword mephiston red, several layers for a smooth finish.
2.       Edge highlight the areas with squig orange.
3.       Wash with carroburg crimson.

Gold detailing:
1.       Paint balthasar gold onto the areas such as the skull halo crest on the handlebars, fairing trim and crux symbols.
2.       Wash with agrax earthshade
3.       Highlight with auric armour gold.

1.       Paint the light Yriel yellow.
2.       Wash with Seraphim sepia.
3.       Add another layer of  Yriel yellow.
4.       Paint ceramite white highlights on the individual light panes.
Control panel:
1.       Paint the panel sotek green.
2.       Mix some fenrisian grey into the sotek green to highlight the raised areas.
3.       Use thinned fenrisian grey to paint thin lines of radar onto the screen.
4.       Optionally, add a few dots of mephiston red for blips on the screen.
Inside Robes:
1.       Paint khorne red in several layers.
2.       Highlight raised areas with mephiston red.
3.       Wash with agrax earthshade.

1.       Last but not least the black areas. Tidy up any mistakes from earlier on using abaddon black.
2.       Use dawnstone to apply thin edge highlights to the bike/armour.
3.       Leave the tyres. Wait until the entire model is finished (and spray varnished if you choose) and then paint on a layer of ardcoat to the tyres to make them a different, glossy shade to the armour.
Note, the finished model is shown below as is another model demonstrating an alternative robe colouring using Rakarth flesh, ushabti bone, seraphim sepia and ushabti bone in that order.

Shopping list:
·         Mephiston red
·         Khorne red
·         Ceramite white
·         Rakarth flesh
·         Abaddon black
·         Caliban green
·         Cadian fleshtone
·         Rhinox hide
·         Mournfang brown
·         Leadbelcher
·         Balthasar gold
·         Agrax earthshade
·         Carroburg crimson
·         Seraphim sepia
·         Nuln oil
·         Reikland fleshshade
·         Auric armour gold
·         Runefang steel
·         Squig orange
·         Yriel yellow
·         Warpstone glow
·         Fenrisian grey
·         Sotek green
·         Kislev flesh
·         Dawnstone
·         Ulthuan grey


  1. Both sergeants look excellent mate. can't wait to see them for real. How long did the biker take from start to finish do you reckon?

    Did line highlighting the black give you Iron Hands flashbacks?

    1. Hah, no flashbacks luckily. Actually this particular model didn't have much line highlighting due to all the robes etc. The nice angular lines on the new bikes are much easier to highlight too. I reckon the bike took longer than the tactical marine - somewhere between 1.5 and 2 hours without drying and photography time. A normal biker without robes and just the one banner would be less, tho it would need more line highlighting......