Saturday, 31 March 2012

Iron hands begin to take shape for blog wars 3

Hey folks, thought I would post how the latest project is coming along. I want to take Codex Marines to Blog wars 3 and the Iron hands are a half done project I've been wanting to sink my teeth into for a while. They are pieced together from as many spare bionic bits as I could find, some brass etch and some more great/affordable resin bases from Evil Mushroom games. The army Looks something like this:

Marneus Calgar (counts as)
Chaplain Cassius (counts as)
Master of the forge
5 assault terminators + land raider
Techmarine on bike
Venerable dreadnougt + Drop pod (not pictured or assembled yet)
Tactical squad + rhino
Tactical squad + rhino 
Tactical squad
Bike squadron (3) plus attack bike
Vindicator (not pictured/assembled yet)

Now that the army is mostly assembled I am about ready to spray them and, with them being a principally black army, painting should proceed a bit faster than with my other projects. This army has a lot of character and not just from the bionics, brass and bases. The whirlwind and predator are a combination of 2nd edition metals and new rhino hulls to make them stand out as unique. The land raider is currently being converted to have tracks all the way around. The assault terminators boast some awesome chapterhouse shields. Both calgar and Cassius are conversions and the attack bike is actually an attack quad! Lots of thought and love has gone into the army so far and I have a good idea of which elements I want to take to blog wars 3 with me. Hopefully see some of you there.

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