Monday, 17 October 2011

Some updates

Been busy for the last 6 weeks on various things and so modelling and painting are a bit behind. When I have had the chance, I've been hopping from one project to another and so things have been a little haphazard. Here's some photos to share what's been going on:

Blood Ravens:
Finally finished, based and sprayed the Ravens. They were a pleasure to work on and so here's a glimpse of the rest of the DOW2 characters; Avitus, Thaddeus, Tarkus, Davian Thule and Cyrus with half his unit (converted heavily).

Imperial fists:

Getting these guys ready for some battling over the next few weeks and so here's some in-progress group shots alongside the legion of the lost.

A recent game against Alex (from the fang/Kabalite) renewed my interest in modelling Orks so I went back and almost finished a unit of 5 flash gits and a snakebite warboss conversion.

Grey Knights:

Originally a rhino intended for the Luna wolves project, this chap got donated to the Grey knights and is part custom, part chapterhouse upgrade with some brass etch.

In other news:

Dark Eldar are now based and finshed ready to be sprayed with Grey Knights hot on their tail. Also, one bargain EBay lot and a new Xenos army enters the collection....

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