Sunday 15 November 2020

Blog update - very long overdue! What I have been up to the past 2 years


Hello everyone. I have been off the radar for almost 2 years now it appears from the date of my last post. Many a reason for this. Exams, new baby, new job, working on the house and garden, COVID etc etc. the blog(s) just fell by the wayside sadly. Hobby output is less now than previously but I’m still plodding on through the endless backlog. Sadly not gaming at present due to COVID (my last game was 8th edition). Still, today I am sitting down for a few hours and updating some things on both sites, as well as clearing out the spam comments. Hopefully this will be a more regular thing from now on but as my hobby output is less, there'll be less to share. 

It looks like the points I had got to before my hiatus was to have all the marine armies were at a good point - I had all the models I wanted base coated as a minimum. Since then the collections have migrated from the house, to the garage, to the loft. My only real updates have been to expand the primaris content of the sons of orar / deathwatch, as well as adding in the occasional unit, such as my black Templar assault terminators and a few iron hands characters. I did add a few painted items to my blood ravens and salamanders too. This has allowed me more time to focus on non marine armies for a change so be sure to check for updates on my other blog.

The sons of orar have seen some expansion with 9th edition and I am hoping to further build on this, as well as adding to the deathwatch, once the rest of the marine releases land in the not too distant future. Aside from Primaris named characters I'm not going to be expanding the existing armies, save for these two. I also need to sort some custom decals for the Sons - here are some examples of the fully painted models so far. 

Much of my hobby time the past 3 months has been taken up by a marine side project which I have now completed. I will save this for a post of its own in the near future as I';m anticipating some studio quality photos I will be able to upload. In addition I will put up a post talking about a brief youtube venture and some warhammer world trips prior to covid. For now I’ve added a compilation of hobby pics from my phone since the time I last posted. Cheers. 

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