Saturday 29 December 2018

Deathwatch army showcase

Seasons greetings folks. The past few months have been filled with many challenges that have impacted my hobby time. Of these the one that has impacted the most is having a house extension built, which led to me having no hobby space for a couple of months during the turmoil. However, I’m now set back up and trying to get on track with a few projects. 

The deathwatch were, I believe, the last outstanding showcase from my space marine project log. To recap, the idea was to get all the armies to a standard where they are assembled and ready to place on the tabletop with nothing sitting in a box waiting to be assembled. I’m happy to say that as of this moment I have reached that target. 

The reasons for the deathwatch being late to the game were that not only were they the last (non primaris) marine army that I started to collect, but also I decided to expand them to include primaris amongst their number when the new book hit. My friend mike was looking to get rid of his primaris stuff and so a few conversions and a shapeways order later and I now have an army almost double the size of before. 

35 veterans and a host of primaris marines allow both parts of the army to be totally customised to try out different things. A bit of ranged support exists in the form of a land raider, pair of dreadnought and a Corvus black star. I’m hoping to get a repulsor and couple of primaris characters to add once Warhammer conquest gets to that stage also, but most of the deathwatch action is up close and personal via the teleportation chamber. (Plus a non pictured drop pod) 

And with that I draw to a close both 2018 and my marine showcases. 2019 marks a bit of a hobby landmark in that regard in that it will be the first year in quite some time without any new (loyalist) marine projects. Plus I will be moving into my new hobby room in about a months time. As a result blogging will probably be a bit less frequent on this blog but maybe a bit more active on codex imperialis due to other projects taking centre stage. Plus a couple more things that may materialise in the near furture. Cheers.

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